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In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Michael Dertouzos' passing, please share your cherished memories, recollections and musings on this legendary leader.

I had the pleasure of having dinner with him some years ago (he was married to my cousin Cathy). He was absolutely engaging, thrilled to share what his team was doing @ MIT with us non-scientists. And were were thrilled to listen and marvel. What impressed me most was how he engaged my 8 year old son. He wanted to know what interested him. He showed him math tricks (mini-tests actually) and encouraged him in way only he could, to be strong in math, pursue his interest in science (engineering) - all strengths and interests that revealed themselves as he and Michael interacted. My son has gone on to a career in digital media: aesthetics built on science and math but we shall never forget that evening.

He believed so strongly in the future, in people and the positive potential we hold.

You don't want to let down a man like that.


Mark Bahti
September 6 2011