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In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Michael Dertouzos' passing, please share your cherished memories, recollections and musings on this legendary leader.

I grew up with Michael in Athens, Greece. We visited the same school, Athens College, a Greek-American institution. We were friends, partied together and shared a lot of things. By the end of our studies we were separated by our orientation: Michael was a technology freak, leading the so call "practical" section of the class, while I was at the opposite end, in the "classical" segment. After school we lost sight - I went to Munich, Germany, to study philosophy and he initiated his dazzling career in the States. Later we met again, during Michael's visits to Greece. When he started publishing books, we exchanged our "products" (I had a head start in my author's career).
I want to mention here two of his dedications. After receiving my essay on the "Digital Life" he sent me his Unfinished Revolution, writing (I have translated the Greek text): "To Nikos. As you see I retrograde. You wrote your first book about the digital age. I still await the inspiration for my first philosophical text." And on the first page of What Will Be he wrote: "To Nikos who started as a poet, and continues as a computer freak, from his classmate and friend who is moving in the opposite direction."
I think that these two dedications show the evolution in Michael's thinking: from a technological approach to a humanistic, holistic, philosophic all-embracing attitude. Our discussions, when we met, centered on this subject. But - thank God - they were often interrupted by Michael's humoristic asides and his thunderous laughter. Having fun with Dertouzos was one of the major attractions of life.
I miss him very much.    


Nikos Dimou
September 6 2011