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"The first three socioeconomic revolutions were all based on things—the plow for the agrarian revolution, the motor for the industrial revolution and the computer for the information revolution. Perhaps the time has come for the world to consider a fourth revolution, aimed no longer at objects but at understanding the most precious resource on earth—ourselves."-Michael Dertouzos, Scientific American, August 1999


Michael Dertouzos



Michael Dertouzos - leader, colleague, and friend to many of us at Project MAC, LCS, and CSAIL - died on August 27, 2001. Shortly  thereafter, the three of us discussed the idea of creating an electronic memorial dedicated in his memory. While we all agreed that this was a great idea, we didn't get around to it until many years later.

On the 10-year anniversary of Michael's passing, we take a moment to pause and reflect upon the life of a legendary leader, an influential technologist and a compassionate humanitarian. The web site is intended to be a living memorial. Contents will continue to be added. We look forward to you contributions and comments. 

John Guttag, Steve Ward, and Victor Zue



"As large as life and twice as natural" is a phrase that comes to mind when thinking of Michael Dertozos. As much as he promoted the information marketplace and the invention of things hardware and software, Michael was primarily a person full of a wonderful, very human, nature. In one of our early meetings about setting up W3C with a base at MIT, I was concerned that the...
Tim Berners-Lee
October 26 2011